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Meet our new Shelter/Volunteer Supervisor – Susan Alexandre

The Meriden Humane Society is thrilled to announce the promotion of Susan Alexandre to Shelter/Volunteer Supervisor. Sue is a known entity at MHS, having worked as a cat staff member for the last year, but that doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story. Sue has over a 20-year history volunteering for MHS back at its former location on Oregon Road and more recently in organizing workdays, clean-up events, and a multitude of rescue projects.

When she ‘retired’ from the corporate world, Sue was looking for an opportunity to work part time in a job that matched her passion for animals. Luckily for us, she quickly found our open listing for a cat staff position, and the rest is history! She may have gotten more than she bargained for, and we certainly got more than we could have hoped for. While we were hiring for a cat staff (no small job in itself), we received a cat staffer, foster parent, volunteer, transporter, fundraiser, and someone who involved her whole family in her work! Her family members have become dedicated volunteers and have made repairs to our shelter to increase its energy efficiency, solved computer issues, and conducted renovation, maintenance, and fundraising projects. Since joining our staff, Sue has been a font of creative ideas and demonstrated a passionate dedication to our mission. Collectively they are a “Tour de Force”.

We are excited to have her help in moving us forward as an organization. Since her first day in her new position, Sue has jumped in with both feet and made improvements to both our physical space and the use of technology to make our work faster and more efficient. She is also working hard with our staff and volunteers to create even more optimized systems and protocols for animal care. With Sue on our team, we know we can expect huge growth in 2021.

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