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An Unexpected Silver Lining: Emma

When COVID-19 hit, it left businesses everywhere scrambling. But what about non-profits like the Meriden Humane Society, which relies largely on volunteers to take care of the animals in its custody? This public health emergency called for reinforcements.

Enter Emma. Longtime MHS volunteer, she found herself living at home when her college temporarily shut down as a result of the coronavirus. She was able to pivot back into her role at MHS, this time as cat staff member. In her new position, she’s taken on some of the responsibility of administering medications and treatments in addition to feeding the cats and cleaning their areas. A true “cat whisperer,” she’s befriended the most aggressive of kitties. But the cats aren’t the only ones who benefit from Emma’s commitment to her work – one of the canine residents, Martin, actually wriggles with excitement when she pulls into the parking lot in the mornings!

A true team player, Emma is always willing to pitch in wherever the need is greatest.

Sometimes that includes calming down nervous kittens by placing them inside her sweatshirt – and then going about her business as if she wasn’t full of tiny kitty claws and meows! Now that’s true dedication.

An incredibly intelligent, caring young woman, Emma has been a huge asset to the team. Many thanks to you, Emma – our unexpected silver lining during a particularly difficult time!

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