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We fully understand that everyone encounters hard times. 

This is page is to help anyone find resources to help them and their animals through these hard times. 

Pet Food Pantry -

Meriden residents (only) may come to MHS on the first Monday of every month, with a valid Driver's License, and pick up cat and/or dog food. (Must provide proof that animals are rabies vaccinated) Please contact  MHS to make an appointment.​​​​

Health Care Financing:

Low Cost Vet Clinics:

General Resources - Including Financing, tips on affordable vet care, & personal grant options, please visit:

If needing to surrender your animal, most rescues will have a waitlist for new intakes.  We strongly recommend reaching out to multiple organizations for assistance.  A few suggestions are:

Additional resources can be added at any time.  Please check back !!

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