Pet Food Pantry - Meriden residents (only) may come to MHS on the first Monday of every month, with a valid Driver's License, and pick up cat and/or dog food. 

Protectors of Animals - Low cost vet clinic in East Hartford, CT who can provide spay and neuter services

Nutmeg Clinic - Low cost spay and neuter service provider in Stratford, CT


Pet Financial Aid - Information on low cost solutions for your pets 

Care Credit  - Healthcare financing credit card 

The Pet Fund  - Veterinary care funding 

Affording Vet Care  - Tips for affording veterinarians 

Financial Assistance with Vet Care  - Tips for receiving financial assistance with vet care 

Vet Care Financial Assistance  - Tips for receiving vet care with financial assistance 

So You've Adopted a Shelter Dog - What can I expect and what can I do?