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December Volunteer Spotlight

Colleen and Jim are a dynamic pair and the animals and all of us at MHS are lucky to have them as volunteers.

Colleen and Jim are Saturday morning regulars, cleaning and medicating cats. They both provide instruction and guidance for new and young volunteers and are a big help to our staff!  In addition to direct animal care, Jim tackles various building projects including repair work, paint jobs, yard work and whatever needs doing. Colleen's time doubles with coordinating and running fundraising events throughout the year. As our fundraising committee leader, Colleen organizes and schedules team meetings, handles scheduling of events, ensures we have enough products on hand to sell and reordering when needed, and more. Whether it's selling MHS swag, coordinating raffles, planning, marketing and completing logistical work for our larger events, you will always find Jim and Colleen lending a helping hand. In addition, they handle the tracking, reporting and book keeping for all monies raised at our events.  Their dedication to both hands on work with the animals, and the incredibly important fundraising needs of the shelter make them unique and crucial members of our team. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Jim and Colleen's generous dedication.

The Volunteer Difference

Many hands truly make light work. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization, and Meriden Humane Society (MHS) is no exception. Our volunteers help in every aspect of running our no-kill animal rescue shelter and frankly, we would not be able to function without them. That’s why we need your help. Make a difference by fitting in a few hours of volunteering into your busy schedule. The hours you spend at MHS will become some of the most meaningful hours of your day.

You may think of shelter work as cleaning and feeding our cats and dogs, but did you know we also need office and administrative help? Jobs may include answering phones, filing, photocopying, and updating our online database.

If you enjoy meeting new people, you could be a “greeter”, answering visitors’ questions and guiding them in the process of finding their new four-legged family member. Or perhaps laundry is your thing - our animals make sure there are dozens of loads for you to tackle each day. Maybe you are a fundraiser. Planning and running money-making events is so important. Whatever your talents, we can fit you into a volunteer position that aligns with your schedule.

With more volunteers, we can save more animals.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to become part of our animal rescue team. There are many homeless cats and dogs out there: only together can we save them.

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