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The True Meaning of Loyalty: Bear

They say dogs come into our lives for a reason. They love unconditionally while they are with us, and when they pass, they leave a hole so deep that it feels like they took a chunk of your heart with them. On May 25, 2020 the Meriden Humane Society community lost our beloved canine, Bear.

In October 2018, Bear’s owner surrendered him to MHS. At nine years old, he was considered a senior dog. He soon proved to be anything but! He was a lover of long walks, tennis balls, car rides and his people. And boy, did Bear love his people fiercely! He was the definition of loyal; in fact, there is a picture of him next to the word in the MHS dictionary.

March 2020 came with a lot of interesting news for the world at large; however, for our community, it also brought the news that Bear had terminal cancer.

Although this news was a big blow to our community, we knew that it was time to rally and honor our dear friend. This is when Bear’s Bucket List was formed: as a community, we made sure that the rest of Bear’s days were spent enjoying life with his favorite people and doing the things he loved most. His Bucket List consisted of hikes to beautiful places, a professional photo shoot, his very own tennis ball pit, a “happy hour” with friends, a birthday party, countless car rides and one-on-one time with his favorite people. This all culminated in a slumber party with his “besties” on the night before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Bear’s passing left a hole in our hearts. Although no one will ever take his place, the MHS community continues to share our love for Bear with all the other rescued dogs and cats we have in-house and in foster care. Rest easy, sweet friend!

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