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Shelter Improvements 2020

Everyone’s 2020 plans changed, including ours! We expected to be open to the public, and have a steady stream of volunteers and potential adopters coming to visit our animals. When that was not possible, we decided to maximize the opportunity to perform some remodeling and physical improvement projects that were on our wish list and waiting to be tackled.

Just before the shutdown, MHS received two generous offers of help. Joshua Annis, Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 5 in Wallingford, proposed to us his idea to add enrichment to our two smallest cat rooms. As the only cat rooms without windows or outside access, they present challenges to keep cats stimulated and entertained. Joshua’s idea was to build vertical spaces in the form of steps and cat boxes. We LOVED the idea and immediately gave him the green light to proceed with his Eagle Scout project!

At around the same time, we received an offer of painting and paint supplies from South Broad Street Paint & Home Center in Meriden. We connected Joshua and South Broad Street Paint & Home Center, and the two formed a great partnership. With donations of paint, Joshua together with other scouts painted the boxes and steps he would use in the rooms. MHS volunteers then provided a little elbow grease to prep the walls so that volunteers from South Broad Street Paint and Joshua could paint the walls in the cat lounges. South Broad Street Paint & Home Center then surprised us with an offer to install new flooring in those rooms. The one piece of solid flooring is extremely beneficial to our animals as it is easier to clean and has no crevices to hold germs. This partnership and these projects have made a significant improvement in the quality of life for our cats.

When other volunteers saw the amazing transformation of these rooms, they decided that other rooms couldn’t be left out. Plans were quickly put in motion to paint the hallway and main cat room and install easy to clean, waterproof paneling around each room’s perimeter. The results are nothing short of stunning!

We hope to continue this trend of shelter improvements in 2021 and need your help to make it a reality. There are several projects that would be appropriate for scouts or others needing service hours or apprenticeships. If you are interested in partnering with us to donate funds towards these projects or can make in-kind donations to complete the work we would love to hear from you. Many hands make light work! Please email us at

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