Meet the Mutt-scles Behind Our Purr-fect Animal Care

Name: Emily

Role: Cat Staff

What drew you to rescue? I’ve been working with animals my whole life but I wanted to help actually make a difference. Working at an animal shelter is my absolute dream, I love bettering the quality of our cats lives.

Fun Fact: I will never shut up about my own cat, Bee! She is my world.

Name: Bryanna

Role: Cat Staff

What drew you to rescue?: To be able to put all my love and care into animals that don't have, or never have had, a loving home. It is very rewarding work!

Fun Fact: In college, my major had a semester-long course where we were individually assigned a retired Florida racing Greyhound to care for and introduce basic training/commands in learning how to be a "pet".

Name: James

Role: Dog Team Staff Member

What drew you to rescue? After working at a vet clinic, I looked for the next step in my journey to help animals without homes. MHS welcomed me in as a cat volunteer and soon enough I became the new member of the dog team. Each day with the dogs I find another reason to be grateful for my position as a guardian and advocate for these animals.

Fun Fact: My first word was ‘kitty.’

Name: Lindsay

Role: Kennel Attendant

What drew you to rescue? I have grown up with dogs and always had a strong love for animals. I tend to have a more developed sense of empathy and compassion than most.

Being around dogs who come from less than loving backgrounds, I can easily imagine myself in their position and feel that pain. I am fairly well attuned to their responses and can generally read a dog easily. I can't help but want to give them the care they deserve and help them find a safe place to call home. Feeling dogs developing affection for me, as I care for them and assist in easing behavioral complications that may stem from current stress or conditioned from previous experience, can be a very rewarding and mutually healing experience. Despite the difficulties they may come with, I love our dogs and love being a part of their journey.

Fun Fact: I have an associate's degree in fine arts and have been working on my own graphic novel for over 10 years, with many rewritten drafts and still in progress. I started ideas for it as doodles in my notebooks when I was 12 years old and my skills left much to be desired.

Name: D

Role: Dog staff

What drew you to rescue: I love helping the voiceless

Fun Fact: I love Halloween so much my decorations are up year round, always looking to add to my collection and always traveling to visit haunted houses and haunted adventures

Name: Christian

Role: Cat Attendant

What drew you to rescue? It was either working with and getting to meet new cats or adopting 13 cats to embrace becoming a crazy cat man. I chose the former. I love cats, I’ve had cats my entire life and knew this was going to be something I love.

Fun Fact: Much like how Hemmingway cats have a mutation that gives them multiple toes, I have a mutation that gives me a couple webbed toes. I’m still waiting on the X-Men to send their invitation.

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