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Max: A Familiar Forever Home

Author: Sam Grenus, Volunteer

Max is a special dog. I mean, all dogs that come to the Meriden Humane Society are special dogs, but Max is different. After being surrendered, his separation anxiety and stress at the shelter turned him into a self-injurious dog. Max was constantly chasing/licking at his tail to the point that he created a sore spot. He was also was running back and forth in his kennel, consuming an exorbitant amount of water, and constantly hitting his head on the divider in his kennel. Watching him do this every time I saw him literally broke my heart.

I made a desperate plea on Facebook hoping that maybe Max could find a forever home, or even a foster placement. I was in tears about his reaction to being at the shelter, and just wanted to see him happy and settled. Little did I know my desperate plea would end up landing Max a forever home in my Dad’s house.

My family and I grew up having numerous dogs at a time. Dogs have always completed our family. My dad lost his dog to cancer back in July and hadn’t been ready for a dog yet, even though I knew he was secretly on the lookout. He saw my post on Facebook about Max and kept checking in to see how he was doing. When he said to me “okay, can’t talk about him anymore without feeling guilty” I knew it was time for my dad to come meet Max. Three days later he came down to meet Max and the rest is history!

I adopted my dog from the MHS over 4 years ago, but this is my first experience with a dog being adopted from MHS by one of my own family members. I am beyond excited to be able to see Max whenever I want which is not something we can usually do when our animals find their forever homes. My entire family has always supported the Meriden Humane Society, but this takes it to the next level. Thank you Dad, thank you Max, and thank you Meriden Humane Society for making this possible. I’m not sure who lucked out more, my dad or Max!

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