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Foster Warriors - MHS Animals Need You!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Did you know: Fostering Saves Lives! Will You Help Us?

Fosters are for more than just kittens during kitten season, fosters are needed at all times of the year to care for adoptable dogs and cats until they find their forever home!

We have animals of all ages from nursing mom cats to kittens, puppies to young dogs, to special needs animals and seniors. All of them are in need of your loving care.

Did you know: There is no financial burden to you

MHS will provide the food, supplies, resources, and medical care while you provide the love, socialization, exercise, and care for your foster animal. MHS will cover the out of pocket costs for whatever the animal needs while in your care. All you need is a home that is pet friendly and a heart full of love to give to a foster pet.

But... What if I already have other pets?

MHS welcomes both pet free homes and current pet owners as fosters. If you own a pet they must be up to date on vaccinations and require a meet and greet with your potential foster pet to ensure everyone gets along. In fact, lots of foster pets benefit from relationships with your existing pets, building their social skills, confidence, and making them a great fit for a furever home with other pet siblings.

I'd love to Foster but.... I work all the time

The great thing is that fostering a pet does not require that you have loads of free time. We offer foster opportunities that fit your schedule. The average foster stay is two weeks to two months depending on the needs of the foster animal in your care. The timeframe of each foster situation and the specific care needs of your foster pet would be discussed with you ahead of time by our MHS foster coordinator.

Benefits of Fostering a Pet:

Fostering is a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved. Fostering gives local shelters the ability to rescue more animals by increasing the number of animals we can care for at once. It allows the pets to live in a real home while they wait for adoption, and foster parents get the joy and pleasure of helping a pet in need.

Fostering increases a pet’s chance of getting adopted. By spending time with them in their home foster families can learn more about their foster pet’s personality and help socialize them. With this knowledge, foster parents help adopters see pets at their best! Some animals handle a shelter environment better than others. Many get overly excited or too anxious to let their true personality shine when they’re in a kennel. In a foster home, pets can relax, so that potential adopters can get a good sense of how they’d be in a home.

Fostering is fun! Taking a walk or a run may be fun for some, but it’s even more fun with a foster dog at your side. Playing with your foster cat is a great way to unwind and provide the attention he/she craves. And we can’t think of anything cuter than watching young kittens chase their tails!!!

Fostering is a family affair. Providing a loving home for any foster pet involves all members of the family. Volunteer as a foster family gives all members of the household a chance to give back and give love to an animal in need. If your home has children, it gives children the chance to experience the fulfillment that comes from helping an animal in need and helps insure the future of rescue has fosters and animal advocates!

We know Adopting a pet is a big decision. Fostering is a great way to test the waters if you’re not sure if you are ready to adopt just yet. By fostering a pet, you will gain experience caring for a pet, so that when it’s time for you to adopt, you’ll do so with confidence.

If you have questions about fostering, please email

If you’re interested and ready to get started, please fill out a foster application. The animals of The Meriden Humane Society Thank you!

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