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Cat Room Renovations

If you haven’t visited Meriden Humane Society since before the pandemic, you’ll be in for a treat once we reopen to the public! Our Cat room renovations have continued into 2021 under the dedication and commitment of several volunteers and partners. Many thanks to volunteers; Tadd and Brian, who have spent several days working to improve our Main Cat Room. The main cat room updates were completed in January. We think it looks amazing – don’t you agree?

We also have some very welcome new additions – Cat Enrichment additions to our walls and murals in multiple rooms! We were lucky enough to be rewarded the kind and generous efforts of a Wallingford Eagle Scout project aimed at providing enhanced cat enrichment activities in our Cat lounges. Joshua Annis; Long Time MHS volunteer, selected MHS as his Eagle Scout project and together with South Broad Broad Paint & Home Center, they installed new floors, paint and decorative climbing/hiding wall-mounted enrichment boxes. Additionally, throughout February, some local CT artists brought some beauty to MHS that will last for years to come. Thank you to Gallery 53 (Meriden) along with Christian, Heather (Lights & Darks), Alex, Catharine, Rose, and Perez (Perez Arts’C), who all brought something special to the table (or walls, more accurately!) We are so appreciative of your sheer talent and are so excited to share your work with MHS members and supporters.

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