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Thanks to Donors, MHS Gets Better for our Animals

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Our mission is to rescue some of the most vulnerable among us. To do this we bring in dogs and cats from unhappy and sometimes unsafe situations into our care before we can unite them with their forever loving homes. Some of our animals enjoy the warm loving homes of our foster warriors. Where they can live in a home environment until they are adopted. However, our shelter facility allows us to rescue far more animals than our fosters alone. This means that the majority of our animals come through our shelter facility on their way home.

When dogs and cats enter our shelter, they come into the loving outstretched arms of our amazing volunteers and staff. These amazing members of our community do everything they can to make our furry family members as comfortable as they can, but we all know that a shelter is not a home. Because of this simple fact, we are excited to partner with our generous donors to make improvements that are designed to make life better! This is just another way that donations from amazing donors help MHS animals. If you are interested in donating toward a capital project please reach out to

Cat Lounges Become Rooms with a View

The first project we are excited to share is new windows in our cat lounges. These beautiful windows allow sun to bathe our cat lounges and allow kitties to see the lovely outdoors. Being able to see the lush greenery and flowers outside the shelter windows certainly boosts our mood and we know it does the same for our funny felines as well.

Enjoy some of the pictures below of our new windows! Thanks to the generous donors who made this possible.

Daffodil and Mandy bask in the beautiful afternoon sun

Mandy loves the view from the new window!

Life is Good when lounging on on the deck for MHS Dogs

The second project we are excited to share is the composite decking that we installed in some of our rear external dog kennels. The decking made by Kennel Deck® is the perfect companion for our dirt exterior dog kennels. The dogs love the decking and so do our staff and volunteers! It allows the dogs to sit up off the ground on the raised platforms that stay clean of dirt, shed water when it rains, and in the winter, ice melts right off. Our goal is eventually to put kennel decks® in every exterior dog kennel.

Maddie Loves Laying in the afternoon sun
Layla loves to take a seat on the new decking

Luna and Apollo Strut Their Stuff on the Boardwalk

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