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Are your allergies just plain disrespectful? These kitties feel your pain!

Ahhhh-CHOU!!!! It's allergy season! All human allergy sufferers can sympathize with our two cuties; Kizmet and Valentine! These guys have allergies to food, trees, grass, etc., just like people do. Just like people, they get allergy medication and shots to desensitize them to their allergens and we do our best to reduce their exposure to allergens. With the right medication and environmental changes, Valentine and Kizmet have blossomed into playful young adult cats. Similar to their human friends, their allergies can flare up and which manifests into lot of itching and scratching.

Are you a kindred spirit with Valentine and Kizmet? Do you have room in your heart for an allergy sufferer? MHS would provide a year's worth of their allergy shots, which are easy to administer at home and give you all the tools and information needed to make their transition a successful, itch free one! While they don't need to be adopted together, they ARE on the same food and have similar allergies, so if you can find the place in your heart for two – we are sure they would love it! These babies will need a special home, but we surely don't think they deserve to spend their days in a shelter due to allergies!

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